Saturday, March 6, 2010

Charts 20 - 21

CASE 20-21

MALE, 19 FEB. 1952 GHAZIABAD 05.53.36 HRS.
          a)          1965-----------Started Furniture Shop (Average Business) till 1974.
          b)           1974---------- Patnership firm another started (Big demand in business)but      
                                          within the 6 months in 1975 that patnership firm broken.
          c)           1975-----------Another Patnership firm opened but that also did not run
                                          successfully and it is also closed in 1977.   
        d)          1979----------Another Patnership Firm opened and broken within a year.
        e)          1982-84------Good Business and earn good money also.
          f)          1985-99-------No improvment in business and person did not focus on
                                           business inspite of have good relation in politician but his
                                           friends encashed his contacts and earn huge money with  the
                                           help of this person and he didn't know this thing.
           g)          2000----------  Started a business of electrical appliances (C & F )
                 2003----------Closed the business of electrical appliance and got large amount
                                         of loss arround 10 lacs rupees.  
           h)          2003-----------Son's Marriage
         i)         2007-----------Another Son's Marriage
         j)   From 2009-----------Smooth Business is running person is busy in the business
                                           with both sons. 
Overall the person did not gain in business but he is  very strong  from the family(reputed family).Actually he is having good property from his father till today. Person have good respect and reputation in the society but struggling in business.

MALE, 18 MAY 1961, GHAZIABAD, 00.57 HRS.
Sibling--------------Total 4
Education --------Metric(1978)
1978--------------Shop of Sanitary goods & Pipe Fittings
28/06/82----------First Female Child
30/08/84----------Second Child (Female)
07/08/86----------Third Child (Male)
1981-1995--------Average Business with no downfall
1995-2005--------Earn good money with good profit margin, contineously up with no downfall.
                       (Without any tension)
2005----------------Buy plot
11/2006------------Started New business of tiles.
2008-----------------Sold plot with huge profit margin
Now Business is running very well and work load is increasing day by day but tensions in the business is also there.Person is having a good reputation in the business and earning well.

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