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Divya Dristi Research Excellent Software

Divya Dristi Research Excellent Software,
Some Queries and Replies in
RED Colour obtained from
Mr. P L Patodia, Partner, Excellent Software

1. One person can not feed data of thousands of horoscopes, there should be some kind of Internet connectivity of the software to upload and download data of all the users for each other, once a large data bank is available/created/centralized than only it will be useful for all the astrologers to prove the results to the whole world.

This is a very nice suggestion and should be available at our web site by end of April 2010.

2. Instead of making categories while feeding the data, there should be keywords like Internet search engines, because there are too many limitations with the category type of data feeding, software will search only in one particular category e.g. one person may create a category named wealthy person and somebody else may call it Millionaires and so on there will be endless categories for the same thing and the software will search only in one category, so use of keywords and thesaurus will be very useful instead of category. (In this case user can give a brief description of all important life events also)

This suggestion is very nice. However, we slightly differ with you. While thesaurus can give matching words for a single word, the category may have more than one word for example 'Cricket Player'. So, thesaurus is hardly helpful. What we believe is required to replace a category. For example, if another person has created 'Millionaire' and in your database, the relevant category is 'Wealthy', you should have a facility to replace 'Millionaire' with 'Wealthy'.

3. Most of the Astrologers are using just 2-3 softwares these days (Parasher/Future Point) and have a good data bank of their own, if that data can be imported here that will save a lot of time of data feeding.

Please note that we have around 5 thousand customers in India and abroad for our astrology software "Divya Dristi". We store data in database, so we know exactly the number of horoscopes and provide search facility. However, most other companies store each horoscope data in individual file and in their own format. So, until the concerned company gives their format, it is not possible for us to provide any import facility.

4. When the research results are shown, the following should also be shown:
a) No. of horoscopes should be flashed in one corner from which the results are being shown.
b) For any result there should be possibility of going inside of that result by pressing enter to see which horoscopes are giving that result.
c) The results which are being shown, whether they have any classical reference also.

(a) is provided
(b) is related to first suggestion. Until that is done, this is not possible. So, both will be implemented at one go.
(c) is practically not possible. The reason being codifying hundreds of classical references so that computer can understand it requires very large resources. Presently, we do not have these resources. It is not
possible to implement it till we have minimum 20,000 customers.

5. Whatever we are doing in our desktop, there should be an option to do the same online also by using a user ID and password so that the user have both the options to do the research online or on his own desktop or both by exhanging data as mentioned in pt. 1 above.

The research program is not a simple program. It contains over 2 lakh lines of programs. So, converting it into net language requires huge resources. So, this is also not possible till we reach minimum customer base of 20,000 for this particular product. However, exchanging horoscope data and attribute is not a big issue and it can be provided. We also feel that it is of little use to do same thing on desktop and on net.

6. In continuation of the above online facilities data of famous personalities of the world may be made available to the users by the promoters themselves.

This is a good suggestion and we shall be implementing it based on the response of the software.

7. An online Interaction Plateform / Blog is also necessary for the users.

Good suggestion and can be implemented easily. Forum can be provided to all users whereas blogging facility will be provided to limited members. However, there is no use of providing this until we have minimum of 400-500 customers. Why? In one of our seminar, some customers suggested the same. We have created the Forum. In spite of having 5000 customers, we have hardly received 10 messages in 3 months and ultimately closed it. So, until there are active users, just providing facility is of little use.

8. After feeding the data and getting the results, the software must show the list of other charts also where we have not entered any data or there is no similar data but similar combinations are present, that will help us either to predict a similar result or to see that a similar combination is not giving similar result in how many horoscopes.

Please note that this is in our agenda from the beginning. However, there are two important points to be noted here:
(1) This will take around 2 to 3 months time.
(2) We do not want to store top 'n' results. Rather, we would like to provide facility where a user can select (or deselect) each result and only selected results will be stored in the database. Then these can be
applied to all the charts. This will enable the verification (or confirmation) of research.

Finally, we would like to inform the following very important point:
Each suggestion received will be discussed with Shri K N Raoji and Shri Deepak Bisariji. After discussion, all the approved / modified suggestions will be stored and implemented at one go.

Thanks and Best Regards,

P L Patodia,
Partner, Excellent Software

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  1. This unique software will doubtless help in the formulation of accurate astrology and horoscope readings. Thanks for the info. ;)